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  • Sunday, 21 Apr

    4:24 am

    Garbage Band

    Season 1

    Episode 5

  • Monday, 22 Apr

    4:24 am

    Eyes Up

    Season 1

    Episode 6

  • Sunday, 28 Apr

    4:24 am

    Junkyard Sleepover

    Season 1

    Episode 7

  • Monday, 29 Apr

    4:24 am

    Pal In The Middle

    Season 1

    Episode 8

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Annedroids is the story of genius scientist Anne, her friends Nick and Shania, and her android creations Hand, Eyes and Pal as they embark on the biggest experiment : growing up!

Anne likes to push the boundaries of what’s scientifically possible. This is a girl who’s built three androids on her own –PAL who is fascinated by everything and loves asking questions: EYES, who’s ability to see things from all angles can get him into trouble and; HAND who’s strong and dependable but a little bit clumsy. Anne’s experiments always lead to unforeseen complications, hijinks and misadventures. And that’s where Anne’s assistants Nick and Shania come in – Nick and Shania have an uncanny way of figuring out the real life solutions to Anne’s scientific problems. Needless to say, when Anne, Nick, Shania and the androids work together, the results are far from predictable!



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