Bakugan: Legends

Bakugan Legends on POP!


The AWESOME BRAWLERS are back in BAKUGAN:LEGENDS and must face off against a cruel and merciless enemy, the likes of which they have never seen before!

Earth and Vestroia have begun to separate, and this great planetary divide has unearthed a long imprisoned Bakugan, HORTS HANOJ, who has seemingly unlimited strength and an insatiable appetite for terrestrial energy.  Along with his army of giant drone-like Bakugan known as THE SWARM, Hanoj intends to feed on both planets, leaving behind a trail of withering vegetation, drought, and crumbling eroded land in his path!

Fortunately, Dan, Drago and their friends will not sit idly by and watch their homes be decimated and destroyed. They propose a BATTLE JUDGEMENT tournament for the fate of both worlds and Hanoj, in his arrogance, agrees. The ruthless Bakugan assembles a team of former enemies to represent him, leading our heroes to rely on past abilities and forms, as well as the mastery of the new and mysterious POWER OF NOVA. This new evolution might be the key to stopping Hanoj but also holds dangers they could have never imagined. For the Awesome Brawlers, it's a risk worth taking as the life forces of both Earth and Vestroia are at stake for possibly the last time!


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