Nate is Late

Nate is late


Nate and his neighbour Malika walk to school every day. Each morning they set out to arrive on time, yet no matter how hard they try, they are always late!

It’s not because they missed the bus, or woke up late. That would be ‘way too ordinary’. Every morning Nate and Malika have the most far-fetched,  exciting  and  unbelievable  reasons  for  being  late...and  they  are  all  true.  They  tamed  a  huge  and  hungry  carnivorous  plant.  They  saved  a  baby  dragon.  They  were  turned  into  old  people  by  a  witch.  They discovered a flying city up in the sky. Whether  they  are  pure  fantasy  or  more  realistic,  their  crazy  stories  always  take  place  within  the  500  yards  that  separate  their  homes  from  the  school.  But  Principal  Prudence  won’t  believe  them  for  a  minute, and always marks them down as late...AGAIN!

Join Nate and Malika on their amazing, unbelievable adventures! Let's hope Nate is Late!


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