Swipe It with Joe Tasker

Next Airing: Friday, February 23rd at 4:24am

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  • Friday, 23 Feb

    4:24 am

    Cheesy Moons and Sour Sweets

    Season 1

    Episode 2

  • Saturday, 24 Feb

    4:24 am

    Loo Roll and Ferrets

    Season 1

    Episode 3

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Swipe It with Joe Tasker on POP!


Join TV and Youtube star Joe Tasker as he faces a whole host of fun challenges!

From tricky trick shots, mystery meals, dance-alongs, a passionate potato, and a singing fish, Joe faces all things weird and wacky! Join in with Joe as he tries to estimate how many ants it would take to lift the Eiffel tower, or tries to guess what peculiar item is balancing on his head!


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