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What is POP?

POP is A fun and safe destination for children of all ages. Packed with shows that fire the imagination. Featuring hit franchises, fast-paced comedy and high-energy adventure, POP has something for everyone! 

POP TV and are run by Narrative Entertainment UK Limited who also run the popular children’s channels Tiny Pop and POP MAX.

In additional to these children’s channels, Narrative Entertainment UK Limited also operate the GREAT! movie and entertainment TV channels.

Registered Office: 35 Inverness Street, London NW1 7HB Registration No: 12769816. VAT Registration: 358 2187 77.

How can I watch POP?

POP and all its fantastic shows are available anytime on POP Player.

How can I access the POP Player?

You can access the POP Player on your TV via Freeview Play and YouView or via the mobile app on your phone or tablet. For more information, please visit

Is the POP Player free?

Yes, the POP Player is a free service.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to access the POP Player?

Yes, you will need an internet connection. For more information, please visit

POP Connected channels:
POP is available as a free connected streaming channel on these providers:
Samsung TV+, Netgem, LG, Hisense, Rakuten, Plex UK.

For Freeview viewers:
POP is available on Freeview channel 205.

How do I retune Freeview?

Please visit

How can I access the Freeview Postcode Checker?

To check your Freeview coverage and available channels, just enter your postcode in the Freeview Channel Checker HERE.

Why is POP no longer available in my area?

POP is still available on TV in certain Freeview regions, but with more kids watching TV on phones and tablets, POP aims to reach its audience in the way they want to view it: anytime, anyplace, anywhere, on any device! The best way to do that is via the POP Player!  With the POP Player you can access content from all the POP channels – POP, POP MAX and Tiny Pop – all in one place!  Available NOW on your TV via Freeview Play and YouView or via the POP Player mobile app on your phone or tablet.   If you no longer receive the POP channel, find the POP Player App NOW! For more information, please visit

Where will I watch my favourite POP shows?

You can still watch your favourite POP shows on the POP Player.  Available NOW on your TV via Freeview Play and YouView or via the POP Player mobile app on your phone or tablet. For more information, please visit

How do I tell my child they can no longer watch POP?

Although POP may no longer be available on Freeview in your area, you and your child can still watch all their favourite POP shows on the POP Player. The POP Player is available NOW on your TV via Freeview Play and YouView or via the POP Player mobile app on your phone or tablet.  For more information, please visit

For Sky viewers:

POP is available on Sky at channel number 614.

For Virgin viewers:

Pop is available at channel number 736.

Where can I watch POP MAX?

POP MAX is available on Freeview 208, Sky 620 and anytime on POP Player.

Your Personal Safety Online

To help protect your children, we suggest several precautions they can take to stay safe while on the internet. Please share these with your children. These are:

  • Never give out personal information, such as your real name, age, location, phone number, or school
  • Never give out your password, except to your parents only. If someone else gets it, they might pretend to be you and give out your personal information or do an action that may get you into trouble
  • Tell your parents if someone says or does something on the Internet that makes you feel uncomfortable, or if someone asks you for any personal information
  • Choose a username that does not reflect your real identity in any way. Avoid names that are in any way suggestive or revealing

Please ensure you change your internet security settings on your computer to prevent your children from viewing unsuitable content. When they are searching the internet, another measure is for them to use the safe search facility available on most good search engines.

If you do not have a firewall or security software for your computer, we strongly recommend you look into this as an option.

Stick to these guidelines and you’re more likely to have a positive experience online!